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Title: Language I do understand the most...
So many languages, so many people
and still there is one
we all understand the most..

How do you feel it?
Do you sense it as a rhythm
what is similar to beating of our heart
or do you sense it
as playing on tom tom
in far away Africa...
and it could bring you to a trance?

If someone ask me,
what music do I like the most
I have to say all of it!
I never met language
what could better describe
and understand
all of my emotions
till the smallest detail.

Maybe many of us sense only tune
and melody most of the time..
But did you also try to sense words in it
especially when you hear one song
so many times during a day?
Maybe it could be hidden message
or advice on life situation
you or me are in ?

Music is the queen of languages
accompany us from beginning till end,
from sadness till happiness,
And of course we can’t miss it with good food
and because my site is erotic,
not even when we are making love! ;-)

Love you all!

Kyla Cole Kyla Cole Kyla Cole

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Playful spring rain...
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