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Title: is the energy
Every year, same time
Same traditions

Every corner of the world
celebrates differently
all depends on their religions,

Some see it as a marketing opportunity,
heading for a profit
Some are asking why we should give love
to our loved ones only this holiday season
and simply see it as an illusion

Some of us are alone,
Some of us have their first holidays
without a loved one
Some of us are in hospital
and there are many other reasons...

Even if you see it all as commercial,
fighting for peace and love every day,
just refusing to do so during this season
Tell me...
Where are you trying to find your belief
that you will be here tomorrow?

I see it as a time when my family gets together
And it’s not about the environment
and the entire commercial world around me
Christmas is inside of me...
Inside of my heart and all I wish for is
to give hope, trust, light and love
to the ones I hold dear...
to send a thought to ones that is not here

Maybe it’s my last Christmas, who knows
And this force around me to love
is a simple sound of tick-tack
The "biological" clock of the soul

I wish you to get "pregnant" with feelings of love
to everyone living in this world - humans, plants, animals
to the entire Mother Nature!

Because love is the energy that opens, reveals, shares and cures

How I feel about myself?
Trust in the unseen
When past meets present and in the mist, future is knocking on the door…
When? Where and How?
White rose
A rendezvous
Disturbed silence
A butterfly
Elixir of love
Love is like...
Roaming heart
Real or Fake?
One whisper wish
Why do I like winter?
...quiet thoughts...
A drop in the sea ...
Each tomorrow...
Drizzling rain...
Simply free
Was it real or was I dreaming?
A fragment of a second...
A glance...
Playful spring rain...
Two meant to be together
Be my Valentine
Intimate winter kiss
xxx is the energy
...yellow, red, orange
Do not forget it!
Time for your vacation...
We are all artists...
Language I do understand the most...
Contemplation of the week...
Meetings in May...