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Title: Disturbed silence
It is simply beautiful
putting to bed your daughter, son,
niece, nephew, grandchildren...
or to simply lie down next to
your dear loved one…
to enjoy a quiet dialogue
looking into each other’s eyes
and give a smile here and there

How powerful are those moments
when you feel the other’s heart beating in yours
Love which heals our souls and says so much
about the other

I shared this intimate talk
with a 5 years old child
till a time I disturbed our beautiful silence
with words: “Your eyes are so beautiful...”
Child: “Yes, I know - they are blue like yours.”
His serious, honest answer
made me laugh and I said
“Yes, you are right
but there is something more
about the human eyes
than only a color...”
Even though I had sparked in his eyes
wondering questions ready to be heard
I continued to speak to him with a softer voice
“You will understand it later...
Now, let me kiss you on your forehead,
to wish you good night and always remember
that I love you very much!”

How I feel about myself?
Trust in the unseen
When past meets present and in the mist, future is knocking on the door…
When? Where and How?
White rose
A rendezvous
Disturbed silence
A butterfly
Elixir of love
Love is like...
Roaming heart
Real or Fake?
One whisper wish
Why do I like winter?
...quiet thoughts...
A drop in the sea ...
Each tomorrow...
Drizzling rain...
Simply free
Was it real or was I dreaming?
A fragment of a second...
A glance...
Playful spring rain...
Two meant to be together
Be my Valentine
Intimate winter kiss
xxx is the energy
...yellow, red, orange
Do not forget it!
Time for your vacation...
We are all artists...
Language I do understand the most...
Contemplation of the week...
Meetings in May...