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Title: .naivE
How did you sense me
when you saw me for the first time?
Dress slips away, and I stood naked before you.
Not knowing what to expect.

You took to me to your wild waters,
and now, still, I try to catch your crisp airs.
Still believing in beauty.

Your scars mark me
and they increase and cut deeply.

Where do I find this paradise?
Where is your innocence? Your confidence?

I see you always lying in wait,
my own predator,
waiting for the perfect moment,
unexpected, to spring your surprise.

I'm still here, naked once again.
Just as you saw me that very first time.
A woman from all your dreams of yesterday,
and all your hopes for tomorrow.
A natural woman, and yours.

Kyla Cole Kyla Cole Kyla Cole Kyla Cole Kyla Cole Kyla Cole

How I feel about myself?
Trust in the unseen
When past meets present and in the mist, future is knocking on the door…
When? Where and How?
White rose
A rendezvous
Disturbed silence
A butterfly
Elixir of love
Love is like...
Roaming heart
Real or Fake?
One whisper wish
Why do I like winter?
...quiet thoughts...
A drop in the sea ...
Each tomorrow...
Drizzling rain...
Simply free
Was it real or was I dreaming?
A fragment of a second...
A glance...
Playful spring rain...
Two meant to be together
Be my Valentine
Intimate winter kiss
xxx is the energy
...yellow, red, orange
Do not forget it!
Time for your vacation...
We are all artists...
Language I do understand the most...
Contemplation of the week...
Meetings in May...