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Title: Each tomorrow...
How many thoughts
are running in my head...

How hard it is sometimes
to make peace with them

And how can I be sure
to win this bet
of hope by imagining floods
of positive things in
my life?
And simply try
to clean the air
I got stuck in?

is sometimes
overwhelming me

There are times I feel
I can’t stand it...

No more
No - anymore...

But how to feed
the one and only positive thing
in my heart?

Funny enough,
nature answer me...
As each time
I try to ask her to reveal me
her secret
As each time
I try to listen to her
and observe her

All takes time
Be patient...
She gently answer me

Flowers and all the fruit
needs time for grow
needs to be quiet for our eyes
in a time when
we don’t see the hidden power behind
even though all is moving

What kind of power awakes one seed
in the soil and in our heart?

Light, hope and trust...

How powerful it is
to believe...
and to let it go, knowing
all will be good
and looking differently
each tomorrow...

How I feel about myself?
Trust in the unseen
When past meets present and in the mist, future is knocking on the door…
When? Where and How?
White rose
A rendezvous
Disturbed silence
A butterfly
Elixir of love
Love is like...
Roaming heart
Real or Fake?
One whisper wish
Why do I like winter?
...quiet thoughts...
A drop in the sea ...
Each tomorrow...
Drizzling rain...
Simply free
Was it real or was I dreaming?
A fragment of a second...
A glance...
Playful spring rain...
Two meant to be together
Be my Valentine
Intimate winter kiss
xxx is the energy
...yellow, red, orange
Do not forget it!
Time for your vacation...
We are all artists...
Language I do understand the most...
Contemplation of the week...
Meetings in May...