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Dear friends,

Below you can find a list of real and fake websites, e-mail addresses, profiles and pages on the internet.
Please e-mail my mailbox if you find something on the internet you suspect is fake.
Thank you!

Love and kisses,

Real, Authorized or Affiliated

Official Website


Facebook Page
Kyla Cole Model:




I do have other e-mail addresses, but they are for private and business purposes only. Please verify the authenticity of other e-mail addresses by sending an e-mail to first.

Kyla Cole Model (Sorry! For private and business use only)

Reddit Profile

Pornhub Profile (NOTICE! Profile is currently inactive.)

MeWe Profile (NOTICE! Profile is currently inactive.)
MeWe Group (NOTICE! Group is currently inactive.)

Pinterest (NOTICE! Profile is currently inactive.)

Myspace (NOTICE! Page is currently inactive.)


Facebook Page
Holly McGuire & Kyla Cole Fan Page:

Facebook Groups
Holly Mcguire & Kyla Cole Appreciation Group:

Kyla Cole Model

Fake, Unauthorized or Unaffiliated

The profiles, pages, websites and e-mail addresses listed below have NEVER been authorized or used by me, and are fake.
Please send me an e-mail if you find something on the internet you suspect is fake.
Thank you!

This is not a complete list!

Instagram Profiles (Fake and unauthorized)

Facebook Profiles (Fake) (Fake) (Fake)

Facebook Pages (Fake and unauthorized) (Fake and unauthorized)

To report a fake Facebook page, open the fake page and click on the 3-dots icon located at the top right of the Timeline and choose "Give feedback or report this Page" in the drop-down menu. Choose "Scams and Fake Pages", then "Pretending to be another person", and then chose the real Kyla Cole Model facebook page stated above.

E-mail (Fake)

r/KylaCole (Unaffiliated)

@kylacolexxx (Unaffiliated)

Myspace (Fake) (Fake) (Fake) (Fake)