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Date: 2012-10-02 10:03:21
Title: When past meets present and in the mist, future is knocking on the door…
How many times I have walked along
the main street in the city where I was born?!
In different years, on different days,
in different seasons…

Today, this morning I’m back…

Loads of new places are welcoming you
for a small espresso…

And I had one,
nearby the heart of the city
so, so close to its beating
ding-dong, ding-dong…
I believe its heartbeat
and ‘blood pressure’ over the centuries
is the same
not low, not high

My city seems so immortal compared to me
It looks like somebody has used a lot of Photoshop
Time and money

For a moment I smiled…
My pictures here are immortal too!

But not me, not the experiences in my life…
I freely took a walk down to the city center
and its secrets
For the very first time I was falling in love with it…

People passed me….but for some reason, I didn’t
pay any intention to them
I don’t even bother to give them back their interest in me…
My city was for me my only one love,
my consciousness,
my loyalty - me, immersed in it
faithfully and totally!

I love my city details – haven’t descended with time,
I love its mistakes, I love its modern touch too
and I love to embrace it all!!!
I love to feel its wholeness…

A thought of my own mortality
came back to my mind
And I knew all the beginnings have their endings too…
Some very soon, some later…
Everything is coming to the very end!

I celebrate moments of my youth, my femininity,
my freedom… knowing, it will last for a moment or two

What is a moment in one person’s lifetime?!

I’m enjoying my morning while it’s still here
because soon it will become yesterday
and tomorrow hasn’t yet arrived

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