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Date: 2010-09-14 21:08:32
Title: A drop in the sea ...
I found myself hypnotised from looking down
into the sea from the boat
I almost felt slightly dizzy
for a short moment

The boat was breaking the calm surface
and the small waves made by the hot windy afternoon

A few rays of the sun was trying
to lighten up the deepness
of the Mediterranean sea
accompanied by the sound of foam
like in a jacuzzi or like when putting Mentos candy
in Diet Coke!

I didn’t know what to imagine first...
If I should be a blood drop like I sometimes
feel in my business..
Just one small drop of blood
in the sea will call all nearby hungry sharks...

Or to be a small drop of the dew rolling down
on a green leaf of a flower in the morning
displaying all the colours of the rainbow
shaking scary from the unknown faith awaiting her
when she finally drops
and two
become one

Or should I imagine I’m the sea...
reflecting what you want to see
or what I want to let you see?!
Shallow water …
where I let you swim in and let you get to know me a bit
Or I’m far away down deep
where no one has a chance
to get to know the real me
And did I really understand myself?

As well as the sea and the ocean, we’re never truly
discovered and there are still hidden forces and rules
which our soul and the brain have...

Maybe everything works as in love and war
No rules!

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