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I prepare for you most FAQ (frequently asked question) about modelling job. If there is something you still like to know about don't hesitate to CONTACT ME.

How to apply for modelling job?

Please CONTACT ME and send me recent photos of you (nudes are preferable, one headshots, one from front, one from back and one profile picture) and little info about you. If you have already yr website, please send me link of yr site. You will still need to send me casting recent pictures. (reason for it is that could happen that model is over weight, or she has other unexpected beauty mistakes)

Do I need any experience with modelling?

Not really. I'm looking for both amateurs and professionals. I love to show woman beauty and personality on photos. I love to show her originality.

Will I be completely nude during photo shoot?

Yes you will be. Style of our shoot is Playboy up to open legs only. Our aim is to show woman body in tasteful and sensual way.

What do I need to bring with me for my shooting day?

The most important is your picture ID (driver licence, passport, etc.), to prove that you are older +18 years old. If it happens that you forget to bring your ID, photographer will have to cancel the shoot. Please bring also 7 outfits of yours and shoes (dresses will be discussed via email)

Do I have to travel for photo shoots?

Yes it's possible. If shooting can be done in your home area, your travel will be arranged to one of the photographers. Travel expenses are paid by us.

How much money do I get paid?

Please CONTACT ME after serious interest with your pictures attached in email. Usually our rate depends on time of shoot and if you are very beginner or professional model.
In case of making book for you or unusual present for your boyfriend or husband please CONTACT ME for our rates.

When I will get my money?

You will receive immediately money after shoot and signed standard model release.

Do I have to sign model release?

Yes you will have to sign standard model release and photographer has to take photo of your face and ID. This is standard form of identification for purposes of validating signed releases.

It's possible to take someone with me for shoot?

Yes of course. It's understandable that you will feel more comfortable this way. You can always bring one person with you (boyfriend, husband, girlfriend etc.) But if the person is in any way disturbing you or shoot, please know that that person will be asked to leave and it might be possible you will not get paid.

Who is present on the shoot?

There are minimum two persons, photographer and assistant. There might also be hair/makeup artist, stylist, and cameraman. But you will always know who will be there exactly before the shoot. Please remember for us is important that you will feel comfortable.